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Rate: 9.1
Votes: 42

  • WinBooster2.19 Image
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Shareware
  • Platform: Win3.x/95/98/NT4.0 Size: 1880Kb
    It is a revolutionary utility software which Makes Windows Run Faster and Increases the Internet Speed. It updates Vcache settings to give the user a faster Browsing expierience. Finetunes windows internet protocols, decreases fragmentation of data packets ,forces even IP-Packets through server lines,Increases the downloading speed and thus Decreases the downloading time on the internet.
Rate: 8.0
Votes: 23

  • WebRifle2.0.5 Image
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Shareware
  • Platform: Win95/98/NT4.0 Size: 1000Kb
    WebRifle is a real-time web surfing accelerator specifically designed for Internet Explorer 4/5 to achieve a faster and more effective approach to the internet. It enhances your web navigation by predicting your need for web pages with a sophisticated algorithm to anticipate hyperlinks and to retrieve web pages before the browser needs to display them. And if you drag&drop some links into WebRifle control window it will download your links in the background while you're surfing. Moreover a built-in TCP-IP transport protocol optimizer increases your modem or network bandwidth by efficiently taking full advantage of each unused instant of your internet connection. For work demands library from VB5. It is possible to take it here:*
Rate: 9.0
Votes: 40

  • ModemBooster2.0 Image Image
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Shareware
  • Platform: Win95/98/NT4.0 Size: 1250Kb
    Modem Booster is a Web accelerator and utility that speeds up Web browsing, file downloading, emailing, online gaming and chat. A much cheaper alternative to DSL or cable modems, this robust utility addresses the main cause of slow Internet browsing- data fragmentation during transmission. This utility tests modem performance and tweaks the TCP/IP settings accordingly via a systematic fine-tuning process.
Rate: 9.4
Votes: 5

  • FastNet99_3.1 Image Image
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Freeware
  • Platform: Win95/98/2000/NT4.0 Size: 1640Kb
    FastNet99 speeds up your Web browsing by running Domain Name Server (DNS) lookups from a local file.The file includes over 700 popular domain name and their corresponding IP addresses, and you can easily add your favorite sites to the list. This speeds up your browsing and lets you load sites quickly by eliminating the time it takes for your Web browser to obtain host information from your ISP's DNS. There are options to scan and verify the list of domain names, or your bookmarks, in a batch mode. This newest release offers a ping function, an IP range scanner, an "ignore list" function, a choice of default text editors, and more.*


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