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Soft catalog: Offline Managers

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Rate: 7.6
Votes: 45

  • Website_Downloader_1.25 Image
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Shareware
  • Platform: Win95/98/NT4.0 Size: 2440Kb
    Frequently, to speed up your work, it is useful to duplicate a Website on your hard drive. You might want to get all the images of a certain topic off the Website so you can browse through them at your leisure, or maybe you require all the HTML files on a Website for research purposes. The Website Downloader is a tool that automates the whole process for you.
Rate: 0
Votes: 0

  • WebZIP_3.6 Image
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Shareware
  • Platform: Win95/98/2000/NT4.0 Size: 735Kb
    WebZIP will download an entire Web site or section of a site and save all the files in their native HTML format, maintaining the original file names and directory structure to provide an exact mirror of the Web site on your local hard disk.You can then view this downloaded content offline using your preferred browser, archive it for future reference, or it on the road with you, wherever fast access to Web information is required.
Rate: 8.3
Votes: 12

  • Hyper_Maker_HTML_2.01 Image
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Shareware($195)
  • Platform: Win95/98/NT3.51/NT4.0 Size: 2700Kb
    Hyper Maker 2000 transforms HTML documents into self-contained publications, which do not require to have other browser and can run without previous installation. The publications support not only text and images but also MPEG, Flash and Acrobat files. Moreover, any other kind of files can be included.
Rate: 9.0
Votes: 52

  • TeleportPro Image
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Shareware
  • Platform: Win95/98/NT Size: 848Kb
    Probably the best off-line browser all times and peoples. May download both the whole sites, and the specified pages. Then, being already in disconnected from the Internet a condition you may do all that to you wish with the kept pages. The complete illusion of work in the Internet is created.


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