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Soft catalog: Bookmark Managers

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Rate: 7.5
Votes: 56

  • Check4New_1.8 Image
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Freeware
  • Platform: Win95/98/NT4.0 Size: 907Kb
    Check4New is capable of tracking a set of URLs that you select. You will be notified whenever the sites have been changed. Check4New can track an unlimited number of URLs and it supports proxies. This new release filters for counters, banner ads, and more. It has also added a multiple POP3 checker.
Rate: 7.6
Votes: 5

  • Back_ICQ_1.6
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Freeware
  • Platform: Win95/98 Size: 247Kb
    This program helps you to protect your contact list in ICQ by allowing you to back up and restore the list with ease. You can easily delete your message history and back up your ICQ bookmarks and contact list to any drive or directory. This version allows you to back up ICQ 99b.
Rate: 8.1
Votes: 27

  • DeloraWebFiler1.0 Image
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Shareware
  • Platform: Win95/98/NT4 Size: 1560Kb
    Delora WebFiler allows an end user to collect web information as easily as cutting out pages from a newspaper. Clipped webpages are saved into sections of a notebook. Clipped pages can either be *Clipped* which always reflect the current page's content or *Stored* which creates a *snapshot* of the page. Also included is MultiBrowsing which provides multiple simultaneous browser views without screen clutter.
Rate: 7.5
Votes: 22

  • AnchorNet_1.00 Image
  • Home page
  • Language: English Copyright: Freeware
  • Platform: Win95/98/NT4 Size: 900Kb
    Principle of work - installation of anchors (labels) on those pages and sites which moment of updating should not escape your attention. I.e. you choose the info - block and put an anchor. As soon as there was a updating this block the program will let you know. Allows to establish certain critical values of operation, something like an information alarm clock. For example to put an anchor and to wait a book novelty, to trace share price for a stock exchange. On a letter box to put an anchor did not try, but idea interesting. Supports proxy connections. The program practically does not occupy the channel checking lists of the established anchors. Well it is very healthy it is thought up.


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